Scale 360°

Scale360° Philippines aims to mobilize action among innovators, governments, civil society, and private sector stakeholders to grow the ecosystem for circular Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technology innovation. We start by tackling the issues of these four pillars through grassroots initiatives: Plastic Waste, Fashion, Food Waste, and Electronic Waste.

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Move! 2022

Move 2022 is an online education campaign series that aims to create a more informed and prepared voting public in the upcoming elections.


Cebootcamp is an initiative that helps displaced workers in the hospitality and tourism industry find online freelancing job opportunities. It accomplishes this by gathering seasoned freelancing experts and reputable business professionals to share over a series of public online webinars, their expertise, and tips on how to thrive in the world of online freelancing, especially during the pandemic.

Sugod Expo

Merging Advocacy and Business for Social Good. Sugod is a comprehensive program that equips aspiring social entrepreneurs with the fundamentals of starting or sustaining a business with social impact.