The Cebu Shapers

Earl Ng

Earl is the Vice-President of Business Development for Ng Khai Development Corporation. He directly overseas Ng Khai’s corporate and retail IT reseller divisions. As well as cultivate and grow new business units within the company’s group portfolio. He is a self-confessed nerd, enjoys Dungeons & Dragons and homelabbing.

Isabella Kristianne Angan

Isabella Angan is a chapter manager of the Philippines South chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Her main role is to provide admin support for member entrepreneurs in their programs and projects. Aside from being a chapter manager, she is a freelance virtual assistant and writer for local media publications. When she isn’t working, she likes to do yoga, watch different TV series on different streaming apps, and hang out with her dog, Gucci.

Isabella believes that her life experiences have each contributed to her being so passionate about different advocacies — marine conservation, mental health, entrepreneurship, and women empowerment. She joined Global Shapers in hopes of finding a community who don’t just have the passion for advocacy but the willingness to act on it as well.

Ana Patricia Loren
Impact Officer

Pat currently serves as the Operations Manager at SDG Ads Co., an outdoor advertising firm in Cebu City, where she oversees the day-to-day functions of the company. Additionally, she holds the role of Communications Director at Play it Forward PH, a platform where she shares her passion for sports. Through this organization, she helps children and sports enthusiasts alike harness the values of discipline and resilience, while also creating opportunities through sports.

Furthermore, she actively engages in community development by volunteering her time at a local community and church in Olanggo Island. Here, she contributes to programs that assist the wives and families of fishermen in finding sustainable livelihoods.

Via Marie Aballanosa

Via is a Social and Behavior Change professional, believing in the power of behavioral science and communication to enable people to achieve their desired outcomes. She has thorough experience in designing and implementing evidence-based communication programs, working with government partners on behavior change interventions and campaigns reaching over 120 million and counting across the country.

A Global Shaper since 2019, Via has helped with the development and execution of several Global Shapers projects on sustainability, citizenship engagement, and economic empowerment.

Lorenzo Almario

Enzo currently manages the financial operations for First Autogas, a chain of multi-fuel retail stations across the Philippines, and the first in Visayas to offer LPG as an alternative fuel for automobiles. His educational background includes a BS in Management Engineering from Ateneo De Manila with a minor in Finance. Some of his hobbies are cooking (eating!), reading, and watching horror movies.

Having grown up in Cebu, Enzo is passionate about improving the place he calls home and he joined the Cebu Hub in 2018, and served as Curator in 2021, because he wanted believe in the ability of small groups to create an impact.

Nicole Blue David

Nicole is an advocate of financial empowerment and universal education for marginalized children. She supports orphanages and street children centers with basic necessities and educational resources. In 2022, she joined the Cebu Hub to further her advocacy efforts and collaborate with other inspiring individuals to create positive impact.

She currently works at Johnson & Johnson. Her academic credentials include a BS degree from the University of Birmingham and diplomas from Singapore Institute of Management and National Taiwan University. When she’s off the clock, Nicole enjoys traveling, cooking, electronic music, and capturing moments through film photography.

Carlo Chen-Delantar

Carlo Chen-Delantar, Partner and Head of ESG and Circular Economy at Gobi Partners, plays a pivotal role in fostering responsible investment practices in Asia. He is instrumental in advancing the Philippines’ tech ecosystem through the Gobi-Core Philippine Fund, supporting the evolution of innovative startups.

In advocacy, Carlo’s engagement is significant, collaborating with global institutions to champion social entrepreneurship, climate action, and the circular economy. His contribution to Waves for Water Philippines has been crucial, providing over two million Filipinos with access to clean water. Acknowledged with awards from the President of the Philippines, his dedication to societal improvement is evident. His hobbies, such as freediving and exploring new circular solutions, reflect his passion for connecting with nature and innovating for sustainability.

Dan Clever Gigantone

Dan is a civil servant and currently the Head for Lending of the Development Bank of the Philippines – Cebu South Lending Center. He helps both public and private stakeholders gain access to development financing that would help them with their short to long term goals. Dan is also a theater artist of 2TinCans Philippines, Inc – a Cebu-based theater company.

He is passionate about development finance and financial inclusion, learning and development, and arts and culture.

Charmaine Ong de Leon

After earning her degree in Architecture, Charm de Leon surprisingly made a career shift to entrepreneurship and dedicated her early career to providing avenues for start ups to physically sell their products and services like Pop District Bazaar and Sugbo Mercado. In 2019, she also partnered with talented people for a creative agency called Dual Story and started an online community and YouTube channel called Ready2Adult Ph (now Charm de Leon) where she talks about Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Adulting How-Tos.

In all her endeavors, she advocates for empowering entrepreneurs and financial literacy. Global Shapers has helped her push these initiatives especially in her hometown of Cebu. She has been a member since 2017.

Arnold Immanuel Dy

Arnold Immanuel Dy is a 26-year-old graduate of De La Salle University, where he earned his degree in BS – Business Management. His journey into the professional world started off in Quezon City, where he got his first chance to showcase his worth in a start-up construction company. There, he got to grips with the ins and outs of project management and safety protocols, setting a solid foundation for his career ahead. But then, he was needed in Cebu to help out on his family business, leading him to Softouch Property Development Corp, where he currently juggles roles as a purchasing officer and a site supervisor. It’s a balancing act, but one he tackles with glee, blending business acumen with a relaxed, approachable vibe.

Beyond the nine-to-five grind, Arnold’s passions steer him towards sports and community engagement. He has always believed in the power of athletics to impart life lessons and shape future leaders. That’s why he is passionate about using sports as a platform to inspire the youth and foster resilience in his community. But it’s not just about scoring goals or winning games; it’s also about lending a hand to those who need it most. That’s why he is committed to guiding juvenile teens through tough times, offering support and guidance as they navigate their path towards a brighter tomorrow. With a smart-casual attitude and a heart full of compassion, Arnold is on a mission to make a difference, one game at a time.

Katrina Miren Escaño

Miren Escaño holds a degree in BS Psychology and currently serve as the Head of Human Resources and Operations for Gallego Architects and La Marea Pastry Shops. Outside of work, she find solace and joy in the water, whether it’s swimming, training for an open water swim, or going scuba diving. It’s a passion of hers driven by the breathtaking beauty of underwater life; and Miren is committed to its preservation.

In 2022, she joined the Global Shapers Cebu hub with a goal: to make a meaningful impact on our beloved Cebu. As part of this community she is focused on making positive contributions to our local area and advocating for initiatives that promote sustainable growth and development.

Arianna Fernando

Ari is a former medical technology college professor, current Family Medicine resident… but a 29-year old teenage girl at heart. When she is not working the dreaded 36-hour shifts at the hospital, Ari is usually at home taking care of her little plants, reading her literary fiction novels, and listening to kpop. On days that she leaves her homebody quarters, she caffeinates and romanticizes life in cafes around Cebu City.

As a physician, Ari is a proud advocate of women’s health and Deaf culture awareness. She openly brings up the topic that has historically been “taboo” in the Philippines because women deserve to be well-informed about their bodies and the medical services they might need. From discussions on menstrual cups to early PCOS diagnosis, Ari encourages her students to openly ask questions about these topics in order to give them a safe space to acquire this knowledge without judgement. Likewise, as a physician, she emphasize the importance of Deaf culture awareness and learning basic FSL (Filipino Sign Language) among healthcare workers in order to better accomodate and empower the Deaf community in Cebu. One day, Ari hopes that FSL will be included in all medical shools’ curriculum. Being part of the Shaper Community has allowed Ari to put her time and skills into amazing projects that impact communities in her city. She’s also gained more knowledge in different fields that she may have not been exposed to because of her profession.

Charlie Dyanne Golingay

Be interested than interesting” is a mantra Charlie follows as she approaches life with wonder, curiosity, and genuine understanding. As an undergraduate student pursuing chemistry, Charlie is curious about all things science – from the vastness of the universe, to the tiniest of molecules, leading her to seek future endeavors that would significantly improve the quality of life for all.

Outside of school, Charlie build Legos, reads YA books, and takes pictures of cats.

Carlostito Angelo Gothong

Carlostito Gothong is a Cebu Shaper. He has been a Shaper since 2017.

Mary Jean Lozano

In this multidynamic system, understanding the role of biology from different perspectives helps widen Jean’s viewpoint. Enabling her to listen to unheard stories that matter in the field. She finds this practice important for creating solutions that are impactful, transformative, and inclusive. While pursuing her degree in biology with a specialization in Environmental Biology, Jean’s engagement in the arts, environmental policies, and proposal pitching through workshops and events helps reinforce her deep passion for biology.

Jean sees the significance of shaping Cebu as a home of inclusivity, sustainability, with its people representing the island’s identity. Working on projects in organizations within and outside Cebu, which are centered on scientific literacy, has further underscored the value of people. Advocating science communication aims to make science more comprehensible and relatable to people.

Jaime Emil Thomas Duterte Luga

Jet is a 30-something professional from Cebu, Philippines whose main trade is as a writer. Through his writing skills, Jet has built a career of generating content across various platforms for clients of all shapes and sizes from all over the globe. He currently acts as the Content Development specialist for his own branding agency. On the side, he dabbles into content creation, running his own YouTube channel and book-review podcast.

Jet’s main advocacies lie in human rights and political activism. He is a bastion for democracy and believes in the responsibility of democratic citizens to hold both themselves and their governments accountable. Along with the Global Shapers Cebu Hub, Jet spearheaded a nationwide voters’ literacy campaign in preparation for the 2022 National Elections that took place in the Philippines

Alexandra Muñoz

Alex Muñoz is a Cebu Shaper. She has been a Shaper since 2019.

Jessica Ouano

Jessica Ouano is a Cebu Shaper. She has been a Shaper since 2019.